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About Contra 4: Rocked 'n' Loaded

Contra 4: Rocked 'n' Loaded is a remix album of the video game soundtrack from the game Contra 4 for Nintendo DS. Directed by Andreas "SnappleMan" Kotsamanidis and Assistant Director Tony "Prince of Darkness" Dickinson, C4:RnL is a metal remix album from some of the most recognized rock and metal remixers in the scene. The original soundtrack was composed by another very prominent remixer, Jake "virt" Kaufman. When Contra 4 was released, the reception was very positive, but even amongst the unsatisfied, there was one truth that held strong, the soundtrack was exceptional.

Kaufman's virtuosic musical skills created a soundtrack that stays true to the original music, while injecting a fresh take to the classic themes, in addition to brand new music that effortlessly compliments the Contra gameplay. Of course, a fantastic soundtrack deserves a fantastic interpretation, so we, the Contra 4 Remix team, bring to you Contra 4: Rocked 'n' Loaded.

A Note From the Director: Sup nerds! Ever since I was a kid, Konami music had a very special place in my life, as did the Contra series. When I learned that my friend Jake Kaufman (who is even more Konami/Contra obsessed than I am) would be composing the music for a true sequel to Contra 3, I couldn't have been happier. There is nobody else who can capture the feeling and power of Contra quite like Jake can. Once I heard the soundtrack he wrote, I was floored! The music was so absurdly perfect, and so I decided to pay homage to my friend and favourite game composer by arranging his music. (And it also helps a good bit that the game is really good!)

I enlisted Tony Dickinson (PoD) as a very necessary second hand, and from there we embarked on a most Excellent Adventure!

A Note From the Assistant Director: I came into the project very early in my remixing career. I only had one song in public, the 1st song I ever made for Dwelling of Duels, "Zero Light." When I recorded a cover of Symphony X's "Domination," for my first Youtube video, I showed it to SnappleMan. This event got me into this project. The "Ocean" theme from the soundtrack was being remixed just by SnappleMan at the time. People were skeptical about how well the Bass was going to turn out, since the original track had ridiculous slap bass parts. When I showed him the video, he instantly recruited me to try to cover those parts. So over the following couple of months, I started practicing my ass off on the song, and then I developed tendonitis. To put it into perspective, I'm not playing Bass parts. I'm playing Keyboard parts on Bass.

Lo and behold, I now have my own tracks in addition to collaboration tracks with other artists, in addition to doing much behind-the-scenes work for this project.