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Real Name: Marcos Pascoli
Location: São Paulo, Brazil
Instruments: Guitar, Bass
Songs: Slave FREIGHTER, Bass Fishing

Marcos Pascoli, (a.k.a. BrainCells), is a 31 year-old musician from São Paulo, Brazil. He started playing the bass in 1989, then got into the electric guitar in 1991 thanks to Metallica's Black Album. Through the 90's he played in several heavy/thrash metal bands in Brazil, the most memorable one being a Thrash Metal band called BrainCells (the pseudonym he carries till these days). With this band, Marcos played about 120 shows in 6 years of existence, sharing the stage with names like Angra, Sepultura, Kreator, Paul Di'anno, Krisiun, Korzus between many others. In 1995, Marcos started amateur recording at home, including remakes of several video game themes he loved since childhood. In 2001, after a couple of years studying professional recording, he started working as engineer at a local studio, then opened his own in 2003, but was closed in 2006 due to a robbery.

Chris Dlugosz Profile Pic


Location: Buffalo, New York
Instruments: Keyboards
Songs: Let's Attack Aggressively!

Chris earns his living as a video editor for local TV commercials. he started playing keyboard, his primary passion, at age 3 when his parents gave him a tiny toy casio. his love of the keys has continued full force to this day at age 27. All practice was via playing by ear, mostly mimicking nintendo melodies. By college, this turned into the start of ArmCannon, which he co-founded with Danimal Cannon. Chris is obsessed with cubes, has written a paper on fractals in highschool, and has written a paper on black holes for an english class.

Christian Pacaud Profile Pic


Location: Quebec City, QC, Canada
Instruments: Rhythm Guitar, Bass
Songs: Flesh Harvest

Christian is an audio designer at Ubisoft's Quebec City studio and has worked on a number of games on various consoles (and actually worked with Jake on a couple of projects!). Outside his job though, he loves coming up with heavy guitar riffs and/or melancholic piano pieces, playing/reading/watching good ol' JRPGs and preventing remix projects from coming out on time because of his tendency to procrastinate (Except Christian was the first person to complete his track for this album, way back in early 2008 when the idea for this album was still fresh! - PoD). He has a dangerous, growing addiction to junk food and started drinking alcohol at 24 (still hates most beer though). Fun fact: Christian never got further than the Waterfall level at Contra IV, which is NOT hardcore.

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Real Name: Dan Behrens
Location: Buffalo, New York
Instruments: Guitar, Bass
Songs: Let's Attack Aggressively!, GET TO THE CHOPPA

Danimal Cannon performs alongside Chris Dlugosz in the live videogame coverband Armcannon while occasionally producing solo material. In addition, he is also currently a guitarist in the live incarnation of the wildly popular Metroid Metal remix series by Stemage. This year he will be releasing mixing and mastering a second Armcannon album while playing on the upcoming Metroid Metal release, both slated for the summer of 2009. His style could often be described as high energy guitar cock-rock with a large focus on wanky wizardry and chunky rhythms. He is currently in danger of finding gainful employment, but hopefully not before he starts amassing a discography of his own material.

FoxxDragon Profile Pic

FOXXDRAGON (Website and CD Artwork)

Real Name: Nate Horsfall
Location: San Francisco, California
Instruments: Photoshop, Wacom Pen, Mouse, Google

Nate Horsfall is a 28 (as of May 6, 2009) year old artist who lives two lives. Life 1: the "career" life, has him as a 3D animator, where he has been working in the videogame industry for over 7 years, primarily in videogame cinematics, but occasionally on commercial work and even strange TV shows here and there. That life can be found here: Life 2 is actually the longer life, this is the "art" life. Traditional work, graphic design, logos, comics, photoshop, anything non 3D falls into this category, and as Nate says "Has been going on for longer than I can remember". He picked up art from a very early age and has taken pretty much whatever people throw at him. He is more than a little thrilled to be part of this project, as the artists involved are top favorites, and the quality is amazing. First Bacon EP, now this? It's living the dream.

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Real Name: Marc-André Gingras
Location: Quebec City, QC, Canada
Instruments: Lead Guitar
Songs: Flesh Harvest

MAG is a guitar player from Quebec city, Canada, who earned his reputation through his professionalism, versatility, work ethics, showmanship and playing skills. It’s no wonder his career is booming. With his band, MAG Project, he presents a blend of metal and jazz-fusion inside melodic and technical instrumental songs. Think of a blend between Joe Satriani, Steve Vai, Dream Theater, with a touch of jazz. His show is energetic and in your face, putting MAG on the way to becoming Quebec’s own guitar hero.

MAG is curently preparing to record his second instrumental release. This second album will feature Quo Vadis’ drummer Yanic Bercier, who was featured at the 2007 Montreal DrumFest. MAG continues to promote his instrumental work doing shows and internet promotion while giving guitar lessons and playing for a variety of bands.

norg Profile Pic

NORG (Original male character voice actor)

Real Name: George E. Nowik
Location: Seattle, Washington
Instruments: Voice Acting, Guitar, Bass, Chapman Stick, Keyboards
Songs: Hell's Orifice, Bass Fishing, Balls of Steel

Norg traded his hair for prog. We think it was a fair exchange.

He likes long walks on the beach, metul, hard floor polka, knows how to ballroom dance, and is going to be a father in June 2010. His voice can be heard as the male characters in the original Contra IV game. How cool is that?

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Real Name: Matt Creamer
Location: Surrey, BC Canada
Instruments: Famitracker
Songs: Dey Callim Boss

Norrin_Radd is obsessed with saying, "I wonder what this song would sound like if it were on the NES???".

Prince of Darkness Profile Pic

PRINCE OF DARKNESS (Project Assistant Director, Web Designer)

Real Name: Tony Dickinson
Location: Louisville, Colorado
Instruments: Guitar, Bass, Keyboards, Photoshop, Dreamweaver
Songs: Shrapnel Facial, BRICKWALLER, Bass Fishing, Metropolis Massacre, Dey Callim Boss, GET TO THE CHOPPA

Tony Dickinson (a.k.a. Prince of Darkness) is a 20-year-old (as of late August 2009) musician hailing from Louisville, Colorado. His primary weapon of choice is the Bass Guitar, but also enjoys playing Guitar, Keyboards and Drums. Despite being from a largely metal background, Tony strives to create music in the widest range of musical styles he can muster, using influences from every imaginable direction. He only joined the remix community in March 2008, but has quickly made a name for himself. SnappleMan is the first remixer he ever talked to, and to this day, the two continuously create tons of face-melting, ball-grabbing, crotch-rock together. Tony got on board to C4: RnL by being invited by SnappleMan after showing him his first Youtube video. Snapple asked Tony to play the Bass for Ocean, but soonafter got more and more work on the album to what it is today. Tony spends his spare time hating the DFH EZX, and mixing drums and low-end frequencies so SnappleMan will stop trashing his mixing.

SnappleMan Profile Pic

SNAPPLEMAN (Project Director, Sound Engineer, CD Artwork)

Real Name: Andreas Kotsamanidis
Location: Brooklyn, New York
Instruments: Guitar, Bass, Keyboards
Songs: Hell's Orifice, Jungle Exploder, Shrapnel Facial, Bass Fishing, Dey Callim Boss

SnappleMan is very fat, very greek and very hairy. He loves Taco Bell, feta cheese, punch-ins and titties.

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Location: Louisville, Colorado
Instruments: Drums
Songs: Metropolis Massacre, GET TO THE CHOPPA

As the descendant of a bloodline of percussionists, Travis Moberg began his musical career at the age of ten learning beats from a book written by some sketchy guy with an afro and a leopard print shirt (that's right...a God of his time). Regardless of the moral issues at hand, his first ink and paper teacher established a metal background in Travis' playing at a very young age. These beats brought Travis to the music world where, by the grace of the Mormon Jesus, he was destined to meet Tony Dickinson; whom together have rocked for years in numerous metal, funk, Mario, and (of course) Megadeth cover groups. Recently, Travis has taken an interest in Tony's remixing projects and has slowly become a part of the DoD world, which has brought him to his involvement in the C4 album today.

virt Profile Pic

VIRT (Original Soundtrack Composer)

Real Name: Jake Kaufman
Location: Champaigne, Illinois
Instruments: Guitar, Bass, Keyboards
Songs: B.E.I.G.L.