Songs and Other Media:

Tracklist (subject to change):

  1. Hell's Orifice (Intro) - SnappleMan, norg
  2. Jungle Exploder (Jungle Normal) - SnappleMan
  3. Shrapnel Facial (Lab/Waterfall) - SnappleMan, Prince of Darkness
  4. BRICKWALLER (Base/Base Boss) - Prince of Darkness
  5. Slave FREIGHTER (Harbor) - BrainCells
  6. Bass Fishing (Ocean) - SnappleMan, Prince of Darkness, BrainCells, norg
  7. Metropolis Massacre (Neo City) - Prince of Darkness, Travis Moberg
  8. Balls of Steel (Factory) - norg
  9. Dey Callim Boss (Menu, Boss Approaches, Waterfall Boss, Waterfall Boss Chase) - SnappleMan, Norrin Radd, Prince of Darkness
  10. Let's Attack Aggressively! (Alien Hive/Heart Battle) - Danimal Cannon, Chris Dlugosz
  11. Flesh Harvest (Harvest Yard/Last Boss) - Christian Pacaud, MAG
  12. GET TO THE CHOPPA (Jungle Hard) - Danimal Cannon, Prince of Darkness, Travis Moberg
  13. B.E.I.G.L. (End Credits) - virt


Demo Reel #1